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Fellow Assemblage


Central Saint Martins

Installation and Performance

22-26 May 2019

How might we befriend our surroundings populated by entities of all kinds? Fellow Assemblage explores containment as a fundamental concept of bodily based meaning. As a curious character probe the stage of playful scenarios, she resensitize and tune in to an interconnected world, where the organic, machinic, inanimate come together in hugs of blobby containment.

A corner backstage.

A shelf of companion objects.

TrailCatcher is on projection, though it's not tracking live.

See also:

A Conversation with Shellphone at RIFT MA Art & Science Symposium

How I associate meanings from parts of the this piece in Becoming, by deconstructing in cross-language analysis.


Shellphone Monologue

in situ performance

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