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And when, returning from adventures wild, the shimmers rise again o'er ocean's brink

Collapsed and Reassembled

Crypt Gallery, London


The virtual adventure land metamorphosized at the Crypt Gallery, 21-28 Nov 2018.


As the breeze of the fan sweep away the delicate projected surface of salt, the animated fantasy, though absurd, keeps running over and over again in surrealist day-dream. Till the last pinch of shimmering salt has been blow away, the glowing will fade, only will the rigid rides remain.


Through this film, we explore the tension between individual hedonism and their commitments under the discussion of existentialist perspectives and the social consequences from their ‘offsprings’ of interpretations. The Southend Summer Festival gathers visitors in flourishing summer, spacing an interval for relaxation and uninhibited fun before heading to next challenges in lives. In the process of losing the burden by switching physical and mental states from daily hardship/struggle to the surreal seaside adventure, and when the visitors are served the rides continue to relay the hardship.


The altered rides in virtual adventure island are amusement making apparatus for visitors, exuberantly waving for attention but all implicitly performing their own commitments. One might indulge and become lost in the ease of consuming pleasure. In comparison to the iridescent train that goes into the horizon to leave the pleasurable atmosphere, the carriage body continue to serve its duty, wearing down through iterations, and losing novelty from the repetitions.

A work by Studio Lost Properties:
Kang Gao

Pandora Peng
Rose Mengmei Zhou

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