Who do we become, when seen through the lens of

a medical and algorithmic gaze?

Dream-Catcher Machine

A space enclosed with 'pixel threads' for participants to enter, Dream-Catcher Machine gathers images from the artists’ learning journey with data scientist Jonny Jackson in the field of medical imaging and machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence / AI, a term triggers  promising dreams and dystopian nightmarish futures. The term AI usually masks  the science of Machine Learning / ML, the less mentioned research and application in the medical field. Dream-Catcher Machine responds to the practical process of applying machine learning to begin with medical imaging, and from that to model heart function and flow. It follows the story of Design, Develop and Deploy, with each 'pixel thread' as a response to one of these phases of AI creation and use. Human and machine work in harmony, results in the final thread where the heart is poetry, as well as science.


This is a commission work for
'A Picture of Health' at Elephant West
Commissioned by
Medical Research Center and the University of College London
Created by Kaidance team:
(Lois Bentley, Rose Mengmei Zhou, Riko Yasumiya)
and scientist, Jonny Jackson

© 2020 Rose Mengmei Zhou

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