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A Little Bird Told me openCV saw this

movement/stillness -> camera -> custom program -> etching & gouache drawing

This is a series of analogue work derived from working with my companion custom program Trailcatcher.

With a live version of TrailCatcher, visitors are enabled to accumulate digital trace of the movement they enact in front of the camera. Here the what the camera recorded was the movement and stillness of visitors and inhabitants of a landscape, over a course of an hour. This is an equivalant of inking a digital etching plate with body movement in space...

The precision of a camera and computer vision process stream of images into cascade of lines. When viewed it is still the person making sense of the image. What if the artist carries out a same role as the program? 


From the image produced from the program, I tranlated it into series of imprecise replicas by hand, with etching and / or gouache drawing.

a little bird told me.jpeg
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